Monday, 13 July 2015

Use Ipe Engineered Wood Flooring For Building Your Deck

Pronounced as EE-pay, Ipe is a very useful wood that has been making lots of people depend on its durability. This wood has been gaining a tremendous popularity all around the world and is a special type of wood mostly found in Central America. There are many manufacturers that have been sourcing this wood from South America and Brazil, some people know this wood also known by the name of Brazilian Walnut. However, there are other names which are used for this wood like Cortez, Greenheart, Amapa, Tahauri, Madera Negra and the list does not come to a close.

This wood seems to have a long-lasting effect when compared with other types of wood which are used for the purpose of building a deck. Moreover, it has a slightly dark colour that a lot of people take a sheer pleasure in. Primarily, Ipe hardwood is used for building residential and commercial structures. These structures can be docks, outside furniture, decks, shingles, turney and many more.

Why should you use Ipe wood flooring for building your deck?

If you are looking for a deep and intense colour, it would be better if you stain the wood. Many home owners living in various regions show a great preference to using this type of wood because it is heat-resistant and bear changes in the temperature. Ipe engineered wood flooring has a stunning reddish-brown finish that matches with several various styles and in return, provides a stylish look.

Ipe hardwood is an exotic wood that has extensively been used by the home owners with the sole intention of building decking, flooring and outside furniture. The fact cannot be hidden that Ipe hardwood flooring being insect resistant has been widely used as a decking material by many. And it provides various excellent benefits. A deck is subjected to climate conditions throughout the year and people don't seem to be taking regular care and maintenance on regular intervals.

If you are one of those who like to socialize with a lot of people by calling them over to your place throwing a party, using this Ipe engineered wood flooring would be the best option for you. This is because this material has a long life and you would not feel the need to have it replaced for many years.  The lifespan of Ipe hardwood flooring can be between 50 years to 100 years.

Know that Ipe can be used in a lot of ways for example, bridges, benches, indoor kitchen work, tables, furniture etc. Moreover, you would not face a problem of your Ipe wood damaged by moisture. On the other hand, other hardwood types will surely absorb water if not sealed in the right manner and this will make them swell.

If done an online research, many online wood flooring suppliers can be made contact with. Make sure that you get in touch with a reliable and professional supplier that has been in the business of providing various types of wood floor for long. Contact Envy Hard Woods, one of the London-based leading suppliers for Ipe hardwood flooring that would provide you the Ipe Engineered Wood Flooring as per your needs.

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